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Webinar Series Summary

Data integrity continues to be a hot topic and is becoming one of the top reported global issues that regulated companies face. Join our two-part webinar series to discuss these issues and learn how to address the challenge of ensuring data compliance.

Part 1 (February 21, 2018 9AM PST,2PM GMT 3PM CET): Answer the challenges of CDS Data Integrity - Sterling Pharma Solutions Ltd
Part 2 (March 14, 2018 9AM PST,2PM GMT 3PM CET): The Use of eWorkflow and Templates to Improve Efficiency and Compliance - Broughton Laboratories

Part one - Answer the challenges of CDS Data integrity - Sterling Pharma Solutions Ltd

It was important to have one system for the entire company spanning both laboratories that could work with the existing instrumentation.

Previously, there were two separate CDS, one for each laboratory, each with their own shortcomings on compliance and efficiency, each with their own specialist users and setup, leading to a lack of cohesion between the laboratories. The new CDS would have to be able to unite the laboratories and provide improved compliance, data integrity and efficiency to the whole business.

Attend this Webinar to learn:
  • Understanding audit trails: Why review, how to review and what to look for?
  • Integration: Manual vs Automatic. Is manual acceptable? Control and monitoring.
  • Data Completeness: What is orphan data? Can review procedures demonstrate you are reporting complete data sets?
  • Use of Chromeleon CDS queries and report templates: Demonstrate control and compliance.

Speaker Information:

Brian Alliston
Brian Alliston
Data Integrity Expert and CDS Specialist Sterling Pharma Solutions Ltd