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Webinar Summary

Case Study: Improved Quantitative Sensitivity with Novel Microflow LC and MS Source System

LC-MS/MS is the standard technique for the highly selective and sensitive quantitation of small and large molecule therapeutics in biological matrices. However, current strategies used in the development of pharmaceuticals present a challenge for even the most sensitive LC-MS/MS platforms.

One route to improve assay quantitation limits is to reduce the eluent flow to the electrospray ionization source with microflow chromatography.

This webinar will focus on the evaluation and use of the new SCIEX OptiFlow Quant Solution, with M5 MicroLC system and novel OptiFlow MS source to improve quantitative assay sensitivity.

Attend this webinar to discover
  • The advantages of reducing eluent flow to the electrospray ionization source, and the challenges experienced in transitioning to microflow LC-MS/MS assays
  • How different approaches in microflow chromatography can be employed in both discovery and regulated laboratories
  • how sensitivity gains of 3-10X can be achieved when the LC analytical flow is reduced from conventional flow rates to the micro/capillary flow rates of 2-10 uL/min.

Speaker Information:

Chris Holliman
Chris Holliman
Sr. Director, Global, Small-Molecule, Bioanalytical
Pfizer, Groton CT

Jospeh Tweed
Joseph Tweed
Senior Principal Scientist
Pfizer, Groton CT

Jason Barricklow
Jason Barricklow
Pfizer, Groton CT