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Webinar Series Summary

An increased focus on compliance and data integrity by international regulatory agencies has led to serious consequences for several companies. Join our two-part webinar series to discuss how having an integrated enterprise software solution provides the functionality to achieve compliance and is a vital partner in data integrity.

Part 1 (April 19, 2018): Ensuring Data Integrity using Enterprise Software
Part 2 (May 15, 2018): Ensuring Data Integrity using Enterprise Software

Part 1 - Ensuring Data Integrity using Enterprise Software
April 19, 2018: 10AM EDT / 3PM BST / 4PM CEST

Data integrity is becoming one of the top reported global issues that regulated companies face. Data governance is an integral part of a regulated company’s quality system, of which, data integrity is fundamental.

Discover the key features of a combined CDS, LIMS and SDMS that help you ensure data integrity and compliance for your laboratory while keeping up with regulatory change to have the utmost confidence in your ability to defend your data.

Attend this Webinar to:
  • Understand what data integrity means and the current regulatory expectations
  • Find out more about how a CDS and LIMS can help enable data integrity and compliance
  • Discover how integrated software solutions can help improve data integrity

Speaker Information:

Darren Barrington-Light
Darren Barrington-Light
Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Software Thermo Fisher Scientific

Katie Evans
Katie Evans
Senior Product Manager, Digital Science Thermo Fisher Scientific