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Webinar Summary

Cyclic peptides have emerged as next-generation therapeutic agents, due to their unique structure and potential biological function. However, the study of cyclic peptide drug metabolism by LC-MS is challenging because these therapeutics typically do not generate high quality and interpretable fragments; and data processing is complex and tedious due to the lack of suitable software tools.

This study outlines the streamlined process for analysis of cyclic peptide metabolites utilizing high-resolution QTOF analysis and MetabolitePilot™ Software. The unbiased data acquisition and automated detection and structural characterization of cyclic peptides will be shown using insulin and atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) as model compounds in biological matrix.

By attending you will learn how to:
  • Employ HRMS analysis for confident large molecule MetID studies
  • Leverage available software tools to simplify the analysis of cyclic peptide, and biomolecule metabolism and biotransformation

Speaker Information:

Ming Yao
Ming Yao
Sr. Research Scientist
Bristol Meyer Squibb