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Webinar Summary

In this webinar, Dr Rawi Ramautar will highlight how sheathless CE-MS (CESI) can be used to profile cationic metabolites from the minutest quantities of samples – less than five mammalian cells.

Metabolomics studies of only a small number of mammalian cells may save precious time and money, and in some cases is needed (e.g. profiling pathogenic cells in an early-stage tissue). This can present a huge challenge for the current analytical toolbox used in metabolomics studies – therefore at present a significant number of crucial biological questions cannot be properly addressed.

To address this problem the potential of CESI has been assessed using HepG2 cells as a model system. Using CESI and an injection volume of only 42 nL (corresponding to content of 0.25 cell injected) more than 24 cationic metabolites could be identified. The methodology and results including perspectives of this approach will be discussed in this webinar.

Key learning objectives:
  • Why CESI is ideal for detecting polar and charged metabolites
  • How CESI can detect metabolites from a low number of cells.
  • What factors you need to consider when developing a CESI-MS method for metabolomics.

Speaker Information:

Mauro Aiello
Rawi Ramautar
Assistant Professor and principal Investigator,
Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research,
Leiden University