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Webinar Summary

Being able to efficiently navigate big genomics data requires a variant alignment and calling process that delivers a seamless data analysis workflow. Is yours up to scratch?

In this webinar, Dr. Katherine Wilkins, PhD of the Diagnostics and Genomics Group at Agilent, will show you how Agilent’s new SaaS variant caller, Alissa Align & Call supercharges the NGS data analysis workflow for the routine lab user.

Dr. Wilkins will give an overview of the single sample Align & Call pipeline, going from sequencing data to high confidence variant calls. She will describe the improved interface, ease of use, and computing resources available in Alisa Align & Call compared to SureCall.

Additionally, Dr. Wilkins's presentation will include a description of important metrics for evaluating variant callers and a comparison of Alissa Align & Call’s performance to other commonly used callers.

Attendees will learn how Alissa Align & Call:
  • Can help unlock complex data in the NGS workflow and accelerate time-to-results
  • Can specifically identify low frequency alleles
  • Compares to the SureCall interface and to other common variant callers
  • Can be effortlessly tuned to your application needs

Speaker Information:

Katherine Wilkins
Katherine Wilkins
Senior Computational Biologist