Advancing Ion Chromatography for Future Research

TechNet June Exec Summary Image (ICSP Campaign)
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TechNet June Exec Summary Image (ICSP Campaign)

October 2020 saw the first ever Global Ion Chromatography Virtual Symposium hosted by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s inaugural event was a celebration of the impact that ion chromatography (IC) has made, and attracted a host of distinguished guests from around the globe, all eager to share their experiences of working with IC.

Speakers comprised of a panel of IC experts from a range of industries and academia who shared their experiences of using IC to solve complex challenges in forensics, metabolomics Trace analysis, wastewater analysis and more.

Download this event summary to learn more about:

  • Highlights from the plenary talks celebrating IC’s achievements and it’s future
  • Key learnings from industry expert presentations  
  • Instructions on how to view presentations