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Affinity Tags
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Affinity Tags

Protein purification can be a challenging process. Since proteins are expressed in biological systems such as cells, the protein must be purified from a complex mixture. Generic column-based purification procedures exploiting differences in protein size and charge, tend to give imperfect results. Affinity chromatography can provide a solution in this space but the technique was limited to purifying protein types of which a suitable resin had been developed. Fusing an affinity tag to a protein, significantly expands the types of proteins compatible with this purification strategy. However, researchers typically avoid the use of affinity tags for therapeutic protein production due to GMP regulations. 

Download this whitepaper to discover an affinity tag purification approach that:

  • Enables high-selective capture in a single purification step
  • Does not alter protein folding and functionality 
  • Can be used for therapeutic protein production
  • Limits the drawbacks of conventional tags such as heavy metal waste