AI in Microscopy

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Gene synthesis ensures access to nearly any DNA sequence, regardless of its origin or complexity. Synthetic methods offer reliability, flexibility, and rapid turnaround time for a clear advantage over traditional cloning methods. In this webinar we will demonstrate the easiest and most convenient way to get your desired DNA sequence.

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Webinar Summary

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on deep learning (DL)  is opening new horizons in biomedical research and promises to revolutionize the microscopy field. It is now transitioning from the hands of experts in computer sciences to biomedical researchers.

Here, we demonstrate residual channel attention networks for restoring and enhancing volumetric time-lapse (4D) fluorescence microscopy data.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • DL for image restoration 
  • How to extract higher quality insights from light microscopy images
  • How to easily deploy DL models and validate image restoration fidelity

Speaker Information:

Luciano Lucas PhD
Leica Microsystems