Automated nutrient analysis and water quality monitoring

Automated Water Analysis
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Automated Water Analysis

Clean water in sufficient amounts is an ongoing global challenge. Water resources are experiencing increasing pressure in many parts of the world.  Manufacturing industries are focusing on reusing and recycling their process water with appropriate waste water treatment.

For testing laboratories that perform routine process water, drinking water and waste water analysis while experiencing increased demand for their routine analytical services, the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ and Gallery™ Plus discrete analyzer systems provide increased throughput while lowering the cost per sample for environmental analysis.

Download this eBook to discover the benefits of automated discrete analysis:

  • Fast - ready for immediate analysis: no reagent priming, no method changeover time
  • Flexible - up to 20 different chemical parameters, including pH and conductivity, can be tested per sample 
  • Precise - sensitivity to ppb levels; specific measurements with high reproducibility