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Webinar Summary

Glycan and peptide mapping should be easy to accomplish as part of routine characterization. However, it is often a tedious interpretation process where results can be fraught with risk of errors in transcription and labeling, especially when including MS2 or UV data in addition to MS1.

In this webinar, Thomas Powers, Principal Scientist at Pfizer, will demonstrate how his company eliminated the risks associated with manual interrogation of mapping data by creating automated workflows that have improved the efficiency, quality, and consistency of their results.

Attend this webinar to learn:
  • How to identify and reduce the data analysis risks associated with peptide mapping
  • How to create automated workflows that accommodate a company’s specific nomenclature for released N-glycans and peptides
  • How to improve efficiency, quality and consistency in routine characterization and thereby enhance scientific report writing and regulatory filing submissions

Speaker Information:

Thomas Wesley Powers
Thomas Wesley Powers
Principal Scientist

Michelle English
Michelle English
Customer Success Scientist
Protein Metrics Inc.