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Webinar Summary

Lateral flow as a technology has not stood still for the past 30 years. As application demands have evolved, it is critical to understand the requirements for each individual assay design. During this session we will focus on user centric lateral flow assay design and materials reproducibility, discussing the main considerations that should be taken into account when building a lateral flow assay solution.

We will also touch on the complexities that come into play during assay design focusing on when user requirements are combined with design requirements and the physical limitations of reagents, membranes, and other components.

Attend this webinar to learn:
  • What impacts assay design most: time, temperature, data/mobility requirements
  • How to overcome complexities in assay design
  • Best ways to translate user requirements into design requirements
  • Considerations for limitations around reagents, membranes and other components in design

Speaker Information:

Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Global Lead Technical Product Specialist
GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Brendan O’Farrell
Brendan O’Farrell
DCN Diagnostics