Cancer Epigenetics

It is now known that gene function can be modified by more than just changes in an individual’s DNA sequence. Heritable changes in gene expression, caused by the activation and silencing of genes, can be achieved by epigenetic markers – chemical “tags” that feature on proteins that associate with DNA, as well as the DNA strand itself. Today, there is growing evidence that in various diseases, including different types of cancer, there are underlying epigenetic mechanisms at play.

Download this infographic to explore:

  • Hyper and hypomethylation in cancer
  • Histone modifications, chromatin remodeling and non-coding RNA
  • Epigenetic therapies for cancer


Download this listicle to learn how aberrant cell signaling can impact:

  • Proliferation/metabolism
  • Cell cycle/DNA repair/apoptosis
  • Angiogenesis

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