Capture-Based SNP Genotyping With Twist Target Enrichment Panels

SNP Genotyping

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SNP Genotyping

In the past two decades, genotyping arrays have been instrumental in the large-scale characterization of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and the genetic makeup of individuals. Targeted sequencing has yet to fully replace microarrays due to barriers associated with performance at scale. For this reason, exome sequencing and array-based genotyping are often run independently, as separate workflows for the same samples, to obtain full variant information.

Download this app note to discover enrichment panels that:

  • Allow SNP and indel genotyping to be performed on the same platform as whole-exome sequencing 
  • Provide the ability to detect more complex variation sources
  • Offer exceptional uniformity and low duplicate rates for increased confidence in SNP calls