Choosing the Right GMP Partner for Your CRISPR-enabled Cell and Gene Therapy

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Synthego is a genome engineering company that supports the development of CRISPR-based cell and gene therapies, from discovery to first in human clinical trials. We have developed automated platforms for synthesizing CRISPR guide RNAs, at both RUO and GMP scale, and for engineering cells for discovery research purposes. We will present our approach to supporting scientists and clinicians in both industry and academia with high-quality CRISPR reagents for their preclinical research work, through IND-enabling studies, and into the clinic. In addition, we will showcase our new 18,000 sq. ft. GMP facility that will start production in mid-2023.

During this talk we discuss:

  • CRISPR-based therapies from discovery to clinical trials
  • Comprehensive support to researchers in industry and academia

Speaker Information:

Kevin Holden, PhD
Head of Science

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