App Note

Combination of CI and Low EI Capabilities with High-Resolution Q-TOF GC/MS



High-resolution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) has an array of important applications: testing substance purity, separating and quantifying the components of a mixture, identifying unknown compounds and untargeted drug screening.

For many classes of compounds, adopting a low energy electron ionization (EI) approach proves superior for determining the relative abundance of molecular ions when compared to standard (70eV) EI. In addition, chemical ionization (CI) can also be considered as an alternative ionization source, or used in complement with EI.

Download this application brief to discover:

  • A comparison of low energy EI and CI
  • The benefits of using a system equipped with both a low energy-capable EI source and an interchangeable CI source
  • Novel opportunities in compound analysis and identification