Combining Imaging and OMICs: MALDI Guided SpatialOMx® probes proteomic mass profiles of breast cancer tumor subpopulations




While MALDI Imaging provides a direct link between tissue pathology and molecular expression, it lacks the in-depth molecular characterization attributed to 4D-OMICS strategies.  SpatialOMx, an integration of MALDI Imaging with 4D-OMICs, yields a more comprehensive understanding of biochemical activity within the tissue microenvironment.

Download this poster to discover how the SpatialOMx workflow using timsTOF fleX provides detailed in-situ characterization of bioactivity across different tumor cell subpopulations by:

  • • Automated segmentation of tissue microenvironment based on label-free mapping of molecular expression
  • • Identify and locate distinctive tissue subtypes for laser microdissection and targeted OMICS analysis
  • • Perform in-depth 4D-proteomics analysis of excised material using PASEF