The Future of Consumer Neuroscience in Food Research

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Global food security remains a top priority with the global population set to exceed 9.7 billion by 2050. The changing needs of consumers has become a hot topic in current research, particularly in food product development. However, the field of consumer research has been plagued with pseudoscience and researchers have experienced difficulties when incorporating measures to modernize food products, reduce waste and enhance sustainability in the food industry.

In this webinar, our expert speaker, Dr. Michelle Niedziela, vice president of research and innovation at HCD Research will discuss the current state of the food industry, best practices to incorporate into consumer research as well as the future of this dynamic market.

Attend this FREE webinar to:
  • Discover how neuroscience and psychological research methodologies can help food product developers understand consumers’ unconscious motivators
  • Explore the future of the food industry and how novel solutions are being created to modernize food products whilst meeting the changing needs of consumers
  • Interact with Dr. Niedziela through a Q&A session following the webinar

Speaker Information:

Michelle Round PNG

Dr. Michelle Murphy Niedziela

VP of Research and Innovation

HCD Research



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Attend this FREE webinar to:
  • Explore how neuroscience and psychological research methodologies can be applied to food product research.
  • Discover the challenges behind consumer neuroscience and how to successfully incorporate these methods into your workflows.
  • Interact with Michelle Niedziela through a Q&A session following the webinar.

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