Determination of Carbon and Sulfur in Steels

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Steel plays a huge role in almost everyone’s daily life across an array of industries. To fulfil its requirements within these applications, steel must be tailored individually via alteration of the micro-structure or the chemical composition. For example, properties such as brittleness can be influenced by impurities like sulfur atoms. The amount of carbon in steels can quickly massively change the micro-structure and thus the material’s behavior by forcing a phase transition

Regardless of the application area, highly precise, quick and dust-free carbon and sulfur analysis is necessary to effectively tailor the required material properties.

Download this app note to discover a new method to determine the concentrations of carbon and sulfur in various steels with: 

  • Accurate analysis in a range of a few ppm to 2%
  • Much less dust due to innovative design and technologies
  • Quality control suited for the certification of steels and other inorganics
  • Fully automated system