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Webinar Summary

Biologics scientists undertake the complex task of correlating different complementarity-determining region (CDR) sequences with characteristics that drive target engagement and therapeutic efficacy. The process of extracting each of the CDR sequences, aligning them for comparison, and then manually pouring over lists of antibody candidates in Excel is labor- and time- intensive.

In this webinar, Dr. Daniel Weaver will showcase a more efficient process that enables antibody alignment and CDR sequence analysis without the need to extract them, and direct correlation of specific amino acids with desirable characteristics.

Learn how you can drive antibody optimization quickly, efficiently, and accurately, and join Dr. Daniel Weaver to see how you can:
  • Quickly identify the amino acid positions that drive desirable antibody characteristics
  • Display and analyze biological sequences with a few clicks
  • Leverage any algorithm for bioinformatics via web services

Speaker Information:

Dr. Daniel Weaver
Sr. Product Manager and Solutions Architect PerkinElmer