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Webinar Summary

Hair is now increasingly used for the analysis of analytes in both forensic toxicology and medico – legal applications. For many cases hair analysis offers advantages over other physiological fluids such as urine, blood or oral fluid. Hair is less prone to adulteration or sample substitution and provides a longer detection time window can also be used to identify evidence of both long-term use or a single drug related event. For example, A urine drug test, on the other hand, could be negative if the subject abstains from drug use for a few days prior to a test.

This webinar will discuss the technology of hair testing and present on the situation in Brazil. There is consequently, a very large numbers of hair tests taking place, and laboratories must meet the need for high throughput and sensitivity.

For Forensic Toxicology Use.

Key learning objectives:
  • The advantage of using hair for drugs analysis
  • High throughput workflow for hair analysis using Ultra Performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (UPLC/MS/MS) Analysis.
  • The range and types of drugs that are suited to hair analysis
  • A comparison of hair compared to other sample matrices for drugs of abuse testing
  • High sensitivity analysis cannabis metabolites using a routine tandem quadruple system.

Speaker Information:

Maristela Haddad Andraus
Executive Director Chroma Tox, Sao Paulo, Brazil