Utilizing NGS for Proteomics - Olink® to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Optimize Clinical Trials Outcome

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The future of healthcare will change for the better by adding more tailored treatment options, where patients get the best medication related to their disease state and predisposition. At the same time, drug development needs to become more efficient, as the days of big blockbuster drugs will fade out and a faster and more economical development must be implemented.

In this webinar, Karsten Strauss discusses how Olink provides a platform of products and services which are deployed across major pharmaceutical companies and leading clinical and academic institutions. This allows a more comprehensive understanding of real-time human biology and is helping to drive 21st-century healthcare through actionable and impactful science.

During this talk we discuss:

  • Combining genomics with proteomics to identify causal proteins for diseases
  • Patient stratification to enrich clinical trials and narrow down patients into subpopulations
  • Dose selection/Surrogate efficacy and using proteins as surrogate markers to offer less invasive and more quantitative tools to measure drug efficacy during clinical trials

Speaker Information:

Karsten Strauss, PhD
Director, Strategic Accounts

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