Novel Bioassays in Picodroplets for Single-Cell Analysis

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Using microfluidic devices with well-defined microchannel geometries and accurate flow control, uniform pico-litre volume droplets (picodroplets) can be generated and used as miniaturized “test tubes” for high-throughput bioassays. Cells and biomolecules encapsulated in picodroplets can be incubated, detected, sorted and dispensed in a high-throughput manner using various established microfluidic techniques.

In this webinar, Romina Durigon from Sphere Fluidics discusses the Cyto-Mine® instrument which uses picodroplet technology for single-cell analysis. This provides a fully integrated workflow of single-cell encapsulation, incubation, assay, sorting, imaging and dispensing, with capabilities of processing up to tens of millions of single cells in a working day. 

During this talk we discuss:

  • How the Cyto-Mine® instrument is compatible with primary cells, such as B cells and T cells
  • How Sphere Fluidics can ensure monoclonality in samples
  • How long the cell samples can be cultured in the picodroplets

Speaker Information:

Romina Durigon, PhD
Senior Field Application Scientist
Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics