Ella: Next Generation Analysis for Your Cell Therapy Workflow

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The advancement of cell and gene therapy (CGT) is driven by technological and analytical innovations resulting in faster and improved process development, quality control (QC) and manufacturability. Immunoassays are an important bioanalytical tool that can be used to make informed decisions throughout CGT development, in-process QC lot release testing and real-time immune monitoring. 

Ella eliminates the hands-on steps and human error that come with traditional immunoassays for consistent results between users and is easily transferable from one department to the next. With minimal training, rapid results can be achieved in less than 90 minutes for measuring viral titer and process impurities as well as characterizing cell expansion and function for potency testing. Powered by R&D systems quality reagents, Ella is the most reproducible and easy-to-use immunoassay platform available to CGT users.    

During this talk we discuss:

  • Analytical innovations for faster and improved development, QC, and manufacturability
  • Easy and reproducible immunoassays with minimal training and easy transferability

Speaker Information:

Habib Malik
Field Application Scientist

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