ELN/LIMS and ROI: Practical Discussion on Strategy, Costs, Considerations and Pitfalls to Avoid

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Most organizations now recognize digitalization as a necessity for the lab of the future, yet many find it difficult to justify the expense, get stakeholder buy-in, or move the process forward. The delay carries significant risks – anything from untraceable data, lost protocols, to non-compliance of regulatory requirements on data integrity. It also takes away the opportunities to automate, scale up, and integrate lab processes efficiently.

We will have a practical discussion on the challenges of transitioning to an ELN/LIMS and what return on investment (ROI) organizations can expect with their implementation. We will also offer actionable steps on how organizations should be prepared so to maximize the ROI of such technology investment.

During this talk we discuss:

  • Return on investment for ELN/LIMS implementation 
  • Common challenges during the transition to an ELN/LIMS
  • How to maximize your ROI

Speaker Information:

Audrey Apgar
Customer Success Manager

Matjaz Hren
Vice President of Product Management

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