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Webinar Summary

Despite years of effort in the pharmaceutical R&D informatics space, many organizations still process their screening data through Excel spreadsheets or home-grown data systems.These organizations likely own TIBCO® Spotfire® which has robust data analysis functionality, but, for various reasons, they do not use it for screening data.

Join our customer, Albany Molecular Research Inc and PerkinElmer to learn how you can overcome challenges with:

  • Generating high quality leads fast enough
  • Enormous amounts of data generated in different assay formats
  • Administrative tasks that take time away from drug discovery

    In this webinar AMRI and PerkinElmer will discuss ways to resolve those challenges by:
    • Reducing cut/paste errors
    • Facilitating data entry
    • Enabling greater personal productivity
    • Easily handling outputs from multiple instruments
    • Enabling data processing from assay development and assay execution stages in a single platform
  • Speaker Information:

    Dr. Dana Kawahara
    Research Scientist
    Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI)

    Dr. Daniel Weaver
    Senior Product Manager and Solutions Architect for Research
    PerkinElmer, Inc.