Fall in Love With Pipetting Again

smartmockups_l4scb5meYou service them, you calibrate them and you may even love them, but are your manual pipettes letting you down? In today’s ‘publish or perish' research culture, factors such as reliability, precision and ergonomics all have a significant impact.

Poorly fitting tips, inaccurate volume settings and repetitive strain injuries are just some of the challenges associated with manual pipetting workflows – challenges that could compromise your research. In this guide, we examine how manual pipettes may no longer serve your needs and look at ways to overcome their limitations.

Download this guide to learn more about:
The common challenges of manual pipetting workflows
Assessing your liquid handling needs
The value of automated liquid handling solutions

Download this guide to learn more about:

How to assess your liquid handling needs
Challenges of manual pipetting workflows
Affordable and ergonomic automated pipetting solutions


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