Feel the Need, the Need for Speed: Advances in RapidFire-MS Analyses for Faster, Larger Runs with Less Sample Preparation

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Over the last 15 years through iterative product enhancements, RapidFire has earned its reputation by accelerating MS analyses in HTS, ADME, biopharma, synthetic biology, food, and life sciences markets by replacing chromatography with a simple sample cleanup step.

This webinar presents the newest RapidFire (RF) model (the RF400) and will discuss some of the enhancements, including 1536-wellplate support and temperature-controlled sample storage. With the implementation of these user-driven innovations, the RF400 now can streamline run times by up to 5x, offers improved sample consumption with the ability to use up to 7-fold less material, and has an enlarged plate capacity, giving the option of running more than 130,000 samples unattended.

We will explore how these advances are being utilized, both individually and in tandem, as we discuss a variety of new applications demonstrating the benefits of this improved, fully integrated system.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn about the RapidFire400 and solid-phase extraction mass spectrometry
  • See how this method for rapid, label-free quantitation can be used for high-throughput screening and ultra-fast analytical chemistry
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of this analytical strategy

Speaker Information:

Jennifer Headshot Round
Jennifer Hitchcock
Application Scientist
Agilent Technologies
Kevin Headshot Round
Kevin McCann
Product Owner
Agilent Technologies
Peter Headshot Round
Peter T Rye
LCMS Applications Scientist
Agilent Technologies
Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn more about SPE MS
  • Understand the features of the RapidFire 400
  • Explore the advantages and limitations of this analytical strategy

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