Flow Injection Analysis-Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry for High-Throughput Metabolomics

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Untargeted metabolomics is the measure of all metabolites in a system, which is increasingly recognized as a tool for biomarker discovery. Read More Below

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Webinar Summary

Untargeted metabolomics is the measure of all metabolites in a system, which is increasingly recognized as a tool for biomarker discovery. Flow injection analysis (FIA)-mass spectrometry (MS) is a valuable platform for untargeted metabolomics, however this technique requires high-resolution MS to resolve complex samples without front-end separation.

We integrated Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS) with automated FIA to create a high-throughput metabolomics platform that rapidly acquires large sample sets and identifies metabolites with sub-ppm accuracy. FIA-MRMS requires only five minutes of analysis time per sample and detects thousands of metabolite features with exceptional reproducibility.

This webinar will introduce the FIA-MRMS workflow and present two case studies where it is used: to determine changes in blood plasma metabolites in obese and Type II diabetic mice, and to profile human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hPSC-CMs).

In this webinar you will learn about: 
  • Implementation of FIA-MRMS, MRMS aXelerate, to achieve reproducible and high-throughput metabolomics
  • Utilization of high-resolution MS for the analysis of complex biological samples without the need of liquid chromatography separation
  • Implementation of the workflow to investigate metabolic changes in biological samples

Speaker Information:

Elizabeth F. Bayne
Research Assistant / PhD Student
Ying Ge Lab, Department of Chemistry,
University of Wisconsin – Madison



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