Complex Matrices: How the PerkinElmer QSight LC/MS/MS Can Help Tackle the Toughest Samples

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When it comes to analyzing environmental or food samples, including water, soil, cannabis, or any solid matrices, it can be challenging to meet stricter regulations that demand lower detection limits.

Here, Derek discusses PerkinElmer’s robustness stress test that demonstrates the effectiveness of these technologies. These guarantee the stability of performance and reduce cleaning maintenance, especially for high-throughput analysis with challenging matrices, compared to traditional LC-MS/MS technologies.

During this talk we discuss:
  • The differences between the PerkinElmer Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer compared to traditional LC-MS/MS technologies
  • The advantages this equipment has of a continuous flow of hot gas and how it affects ion clusters
  • How the design of this equipment minimizes maintenance

Speaker Information:

Derek Mattern
Derek Mattern, PhD
Senior Product Specialist

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