The Future of Pre-clinical Drug Research: An Introduction to Organ-on-Chip

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Current pre-clinical approaches produce molecules and therapies that fail 90% of the time in clinical trials. Organ- on- Chip (OOC) systems have the potential to fundamentally revolutionise drug discovery and significantly reduce drug failure.

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Webinar Summary

Current strategies for pre-clinical drug discovery produce potential therapies that fail 90% of the time in clinical trials. To improve this situation, we need new models for research.

This webinar will discuss the potentially revolutionary technology behind organ-on-chip systems (OOC).

These platforms could improve many aspects of the pre-clinical drug discovery process, enhancing throughput, reproducibility and usability. Our speaker, CN-Bio's Vaish Manoharan will introduce OOC systems and show how researchers are using these systems to understand cellular microenvironments.

During the webinar, Vaish will discuss the current OOC ecosystem and how the CN-Bio PhysioMimix™ single and multi-organ systems are used for drug-drug interaction, ADME, disease modelling and precision medicine applications.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The evolution of pre-clinical drug testing tools and current challenges
  • Opportunities for OOC systems across the drug discovery process
  • Building microphysiological systems - understanding and control cellular microenvironments

Speaker Information:


Vaish Manoharan

Account Manager
CN Bio Innovations