Getting a Gene Therapy Product to Market: Pitfalls and How to Prevent Them




Cell therapy is a transformative cancer treatment that utilizes genetically modified cells from a healthy donor or patient's own immune system to attack cancer cells, but manufacturing these cells represents a major challenge for the industry.

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Webinar Summary:

Gene therapy is rapidly gaining importance as a critical treatment modality in the prevention or cure of a wide range of diseases. However, getting a product to market for commercial use does not come without its challenges. Often the importance of the early stage development process is overlooked, or logistical details are not considered early enough. 

Watch this webinar now to learn about how experts overcome the following challenges:

  • Technology choices during the early stages of process development
  • Ensuring product quality, compliance and safety
  • Enabling commercial-scale manufacturing 

Speaker Information:

Hetal Brahmbhatt 
Principle Investigator,
Pharma Services, Viral Vector Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Elizabeth Simmons
Associate Director, QC Analytics, Homology Medicines Inc