GMP Ancillary Materials for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing




Cell therapy is a transformative cancer treatment that utilizes genetically modified cells from a healthy donor or patient's own immune system to attack cancer cells, but manufacturing these cells represents a major challenge for the industry.

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Webinar Summary:

Ancillary materials (AMs), also called raw materials in Europe, are components, reagents, and materials used in the manufacturing of cell, gene, and tissue-engineered (CGT) therapies but are not intended to be present in the final product formulation. AMs include, but are not limited to, cell culture reagents and additives (e.g. transfection reagents and antibiotics), cryopreservation agents, and disposables such as plasticware and bioprocessing bags. While ancillary materials are not intended to be detectable in the final therapeutic, their presence in the manufacturing process may affect the final drug's safety, efficacy, stability and consistency. Therefore, it is critical for CGT therapy manufacturers to carefully define the selection criteria and subsequent qualification program for AMs.

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  • What is a GMP Ancillary material and the associated regulatory challenges?
  • Key raw material considerations when choosing suppliers 
  • Importance and impact of raw material selection for commercial manufacture 

Speaker Information:

Kasey Kime 
Senior Manager,
Regulatory Affairs 
Eric Roos
Strategic Alliance Manager