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Webinar Summary

De novo sequencing of plant genomes can be challenging due to large genome sizes, high levels of repeat content, multiple chromosome copies (ploidy) and high diversity between different plant samples.

Each of these challenges needs to be addressed in order to generate highly contiguous genome assemblies. For example, DNA extraction must be optimized for each plant species being studied, while different analysis parameters are required for homozygous diploid genomes than for heterozygous tetraploid genomes.

To successfully overcome such issues, we generally split the sequencing workflow into three components: DNA extraction (including plant cultivation), library preparation (including size-selection) and data analysis (from basecalling to assembly polishing).

This webinar will focus on all three areas of de novo genome sequencing in plants, providing users with guidance on how to handle sequencing projects in the lab, as well as the associated data analysis.

Attendees will learn about:
  • Plant cultivation
  • DNA-extraction
  • Basecalling and data management
  • Error correction
  • Assembly, polishing and scaffolding

Speaker Information:

michelle bradac.png
Maximilian Schmidt
PhD student
RWTH Aachen University