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High-Performance Somatic Variant Analysis

KAPA HyperPETE: A Novel, End-To-End Target Enrichment Workflow for High-Performance Somatic Variant Analysis

Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a well-established and powerful tool for somatic oncology research. NGS pipelines for the analysis of somatic variants require efficient methods for enriched library preparation from challenging sample types, relevant, optimized enrichment panels and advanced bioinformatic tools. Current workflows continue to fall short with respect to these requirements.

Download this app note to discover a workflow that:

  • Has the flexibility to process a wide range of sample types and inputs with high efficiency
  • Eliminates tedious processing steps required for hybridization capture
  • Supports economical, sensitive, accurate and reproducible analysis of all major variant classes from common oncology research sample types

Download this app note to discover a system that:

  • Can reliably determine all the PFAS analytes in drinking water listed in EPA Method 537.1
  • Demonstrates good recovery and precision at low limits of quantification

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