How to Stop Good Pharmaceutical Formulations Going Bad




Don't miss this 2-day interactive online event where the experts will be discussing Current Challenges in Safety Pharmacology and Cardiac Physiologyin-silico modelling and Best Practices and Evolvements of Safety Pharmacology Methods.

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Event Summary:

Selection of the appropriate techniques and assays, and their application in well-managed analytical programs, can simplify the process of deformulation and ensure a speedy route to market.

In this webinar, we’ll take a stepwise journey through the foundations of deformulation (reverse engineering) and in vitro bioequivalence (IVBE) testing, providing answers to these questions and more. We’ll consider challenges including the impact of flavor changes and container modifications on bioavailability profiles, and we’ll also take a deeper dive into the Q3 bioequivalence testing requirements for specific dosage forms.

Watch this webinar to find the answers to these commonly asked questions:

  • What needs to be assayed?
  • Which techniques should be applied?
  • What should our testing program look like? 

Speaker Information:

malvern speaker
Dr Paul Kippox 
Sector Marketing Director, Pharma & Food at Malvern Panalytical
Caroline Concept
Caroline German 
Technical Director, Concept Life Sciences
paul concept
Paul Senior 
Physical Characterisation, Concept Life Sciences