Join us for our extended webinar to hear about the most recent and innovative developments in the world of mass spectrometry and how they are helping to drive science forward.

Mass spectrometry has become an indispensable tool for many industries, from pharmaceutical and drug development to food and environmental analysis. Constant development and improvements are helping to make the technologies more accessible, easier to use, more sensitive and faster whilst reducing their footprint both physically and environmentally.

This Technology Networks event features exclusive talks focused on the challenges faced by analysts and how new solutions are helping to solve questions and address pain points.

Attend this webinar to: 

  • Hear about ways in which mass spectrometry is being utilized to solve novel questions
  • Explore some of the challenges and limitations of existing technology and how they are being
  • Look at the future direction of mass spectrometry R&D
  • View Full Agenda Here

Expert Speakers
To discover more about our speakers, please click the images below.

Anyin Round PNG
  Anyin Li
  Assistant Professor  
  University of New Hampshire 
Patrick Batoon Round PNG
 Patrick Batoon
 Product Manager of Triple Quadrupole     LC/MS
 Agilent Technologies Inc.
Ihor Batruch Round PNG
 Ihor Batruch 
 Technical Product Manager, Accurate     Mass
Marcel Round PNG
 Marcel Niehaus
 MALDI-TOF Instrumentation R&D
Heeren Round PNG
Ron Heeren
Distinguished Professor
Maastricht Multimodal Molecular Imaging Institute

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