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Single-Cell and Spatial Multiomics To Advance Basic and Translational Cancer Research

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Discover how single cell and spatial multiomics are transforming our understanding of the complex interplay between tumor, microenvironment, and immune compartments – from cancer progression to therapeutic resistance.

Key points of discussion:
  • Explore single cell and spatial profiling to dissect mechanisms of cancer immunity
  • Tracking T-cell response with single-cell RNA-seq
  • Single cell profiling of chromatin landscape identifies regulators of intratumoral T-cell phenotypes
  • Single cell profiling to dissect mechanisms of anti-tumor immunity
  • Single cell and spatial transcriptors unravel spatial distribution of immune cells in the tumor ecosystem

Speaker Information:


Abbey Cutchin
Manager, Oncology Segment Marketing
10x Genomics



During this talk we discuss:
  • How we can better understand the interactions between colorectal cancer cells and the microenvironment
  • The latest advancements in microfluid organ-on-chip models using high content imaging and mass spectrometry-based metabolomics

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