Large-Scale Brain Mapping for Reverse Engineering Brain Function

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Webinar Summary

The Kasthuri lab is pioneering new techniques for large volume reconstructions of the fine structure of the nervous system – ‘connectomics’.

In this webinar, Dr. Kasthuri will describe these developments including: large volume automated electron microscopy for mapping neuronal connections, synchrotron source X-ray microscopy for mapping the cellular composition of entire brains and combining both for multi-scale, multi-modal maps of brains.

These tools will be applied in the service of answering the question: how do brains learn as they grow up? And how do brains differ across individuals and across species? And how can we reverse engineer brain function in our own computers and robots?

Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn the physical bases of how neurons make connections
  • Understand the computational and engineering difficulties of mapping all the connections in a single brain – ‘connectomics’
  • Understand implications and applications of brain maps from understanding brains in health and disease and reverse engineering their functions

Speaker Information:

Dr. Narayanan Kasthuri
Dr. Narayanan ‘Bobby’ Kasthuri
Assistant Professor Dept. of Neurobiology, University of Chicago
Neuroscientists, BIO, Argonne National Laboratory