MALDI Imaging – A Powerful Tool in Pathology

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The day-to-day practice of pathology requires tools that can identify markers of disease, prognosis and therapeutic response whilst conserving limited sample materials.

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Webinar Summary

The day-to-day practice of pathology requires tools that can identify markers of disease and predict therapeutic response whilst conserving limited sample materials.

Since matrix assisted laser desorption ionization imaging mass spectrometry (MALDI-IMS) goes far beyond microscopy and only needs a single tissue section, it is ideally suited to this role. MALDI-IMS can generate molecular maps of tissue sections that can reveal the underlying biochemistry or provide information on how therapeutics or toxins influence the function or misfunction of an organ.

In this webinar, Kristina Schwamborn, associate professor in the Institute of Pathology at the Technical University of Munich, will discuss how MALDI-IMS can overcome the limitations of other approaches in the discovery and identification of new classifying marker molecules and profiles

Attend this webinar to discover: 
  • A brief introduction to imaging mass spectrometry
  • The advantages of MALDI-IMS in pathology
  • How MALDI-IMS can improve tissue/tumor classification

Speaker Information:

Kristina Schwamborn
MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Institute of Pathology, Technical University of Munich



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