Methods and Reagents for Culturing and Characterizing Organoids and Cancer Spheroids

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Organoids are self-organizing, three-dimensional structures derived from adult or induced pluripotent stem cells.  They provide a unique physiologically relevant system as their morphology (both cell identity and organization) mimics the tissue architecture of the organ from which they are obtained. These aspects make them invaluable as in vitro models of choice for human development, disease modelling, drug discovery and cell therapy development. 

Bio-Techne has extensive experience in and offers a strong and diverse portfolio for the generation, maintenance and characterization of organoids and other 3D culture systems such as spheroids. In this presentation, we demonstrate the techniques that Bio-Techne uses to culture and perform high-throughput analysis of multiple organoid and cancer models. 

During this talk we discuss:

  • Techniques in culturing multiple 3D organoid models
  • Performing high-throughput analysis of organoids and cancer models

Speaker Information:

Xi Lu, PhD
Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Senior Scientist

Tahmina Naqvi
Advanced Research Associate

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