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Webinar Summary

In this webinar, you will learn how multiple attribute method (MAM) can accelerate your biotherapeutic development and quality control. The presented compliant solution takes advantage of leading MS quantitation software which offers flexibility in definition, integration, and calculation of targeted attributes.

We will discuss the aspects of defining attributes and calculation of their levels, setting acceptance criteria, and executing purity assessment using new peak detection. In addition, the presented workflow enables rapid and accurate data processing. Once defined, methods may be executed in a fully compliant environment to ensure data integrity and traceability with full audit trail support.

By attending you will learn how MAM enables you to:
  • Accurately assess critical quality attributes using high resolution mass spectrometry
  • Gain increased confidence in results using compliant workflows
  • Collect and process comprehensive data with greater confidence to expedite your investigations
  • Complete attribute assessments at the MS 1 level data while MS/MS data remains available as needed

Speaker Information:

Sean McCarthy width=
Sean McCarthy
Global Technical Marketing Manager, Biologics