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Webinar Summary

Increasing the number of proteomic samples that can be compared in a single mass spectrometry analysis is highly desirable. It enables you to improve sample throughput, assess multiple experimental conditions and decrease missing values among replicates.

Compared to TMT reagents, TMTpro reagents have the same peptide labeling efficiency, but require slightly lower collision energy for reporter ion fragmentation. We also demonstrate that TMTpro 16plex samples have similar peptide/protein identification rates compared to TMT 11plex samples. This is achieved using a new standardized sample preparation workflow that reduces processing time to under 3.5 hours.

During this webinar we will:
  • Discuss the advantages of sample multiplexing
  • Review isobaric tag workflows
  • Introduce new TMT chemistry and applications
  • Educate on integrated MS sample preparation with quantitative workflows

Speaker Information:

Ryan Bomgarden
Senior Staff Scientist, Team Leader, Protein Biology and Reagents
Thermo Fisher Scientific