One-Pot Borylation/Suzuki Couplings for Streamlined Synthesis of Compounds in Drug Discovery 

Cross Coupling
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Cross Coupling

The Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling is an invaluable C-C bond forming reaction, but it can be limited by the availability, isolation and stability of the boronate starting materials. This has led to the development of one-pot borylation/ Suzuki couplings to form sp2–sp2 C-C bonds, where the intermediate boronates are not isolated. Concept Life Sciences and the University of Manchester have developed a novel method for synthesizing substructures that are commonly found in life-changing drug molecules.

Download this poster to discover how this method achieves:

  • Streamlined synthesis of diaryl methanes, α-aryl carbonyls and allyl aryl compounds
  • In situ esterification of diboron using low-cost reagents
  • Excellent functional group tolerance