Opinionated Science: Next-Generation Sequencing Takes Over the World

In this episode, the team explore cancer immunotherapy, a revolutionary set of treatments that has fundamentally changed cancer care.

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Podcast Summary

In this episode, the team discuss the omnipresent technology of next-generation sequencing (NGS), which has seen the cost of sequencing a human genome go from $100 million to under $1000 in just two decades. We hear from the European Bioinformatics Institute’s Dr Alex Almeida, who uses NGS techniques to examine the human microbiome. We also investigate the future of NGS and ask, what will happen when we have sequenced absolutely everything?

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Podcast Host
Ruairi Mackenzie
Science Writer


Molly Campbell
Science Writer
Technology Networks

Dr Alexandre Almeida
EBI-Sanger Postdoctoral Researcher
European Bioinformatics Institute

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