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Webinar Summary

Quantification and quality measurements are both integral parts of protein characterization workflows. These parameters have previously been collected separately, simply due to the lack of tools that can measure both.

In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Adamiak will discuss how Stunner enables researchers to seamlessly incorporate DLS into their routine protein concentration measurements on a single platform.

With just 2 µL of sample, the concentration and particle size distribution of a protein can now be obtained in a single experiment. This provides valuable information that can identify the expected size and polydispersity and assess the aggregation propensity of protein formulations. The ability to create custom applications and work at high throughput gives users even more flexibility.

Key Learning objectives:
  • See how simultaneous DLS measurements add value to protein quantification
  • Learn how to measure the aggregation propensity of your protein with DLS
  • Learn how to perform advanced UV/Vis analysis

Speaker Information:

Lisa Adamiak, Ph.D.
Lisa Adamiak, Ph.D.
Applications Scientist
Unchained Labs