Speed, Scale, Specificity: How Next-Generation Mass Spectrometry Is Transforming Small Molecule Biomarker Profiling

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Greater use of small molecule biomarkers in drug development is needed to transform efficiency and success rates, by driving deeper understanding of how non-genetic factors influence disease pathobiology and drug responsiveness.

In this session, Sapient will discuss how its next-generation rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry systems enable untargeted small molecule biomarker discovery at unprecedented speed and at population scale, with the ability to assay >11,000 circulating factors per biosample in <1 minute per sample run.

During this talk we discuss:

  • How Sapient systems enable a new scale of biomarker discovery
  • 4D chemical characterization of known and unknown molecules
  • Rapid biomarker cross-validation

Speaker Information:

Mohit Jain, PhD
Founder and CEO


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