Accelerating the Future of Proteomics With Connected Laboratory Automation

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Advances in automated technologies and digital science are aiding laboratories to achieve unprecedented levels of throughput, efficiency, and reproducibility.

Accelerated by the recent pandemic, laboratories have increased the urgency to adopt automation to ensure business continuity, keep personnel safe and generate outputs that are beyond human capabilities. All in all, automation will help accelerate cutting-edge discoveries and help researchers future-proof their laboratories.

During this talk we discuss:

  • Semi and fully automated integration solutions
  • The new Thermo Fisher Scientific AccelerOme™ Automated Sample Preparation Platform
  • How to ease the transition from automated workflows to scientific discoveries

Speaker Information:

Bani K. Suri, PhD
Lab Automation Software Product Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Kristan Bahten
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific


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