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Webinar Summary

Even the most well-controlled LC-MS methodologies are subject to a wide array of variables such as LC conditions, type of mass spectrometer, data acquisition rates, etc. All of these variables can impact the raw data. Regardless, the investigator will ultimately end up with an uneditable raw mass spectrometry data file in a vendor-specific format. While this locked, uneditable file in theory represents a firm and fixed point at which experimental variability ceases, the reality is that downstream software analysis can introduce as much or more variability in the dataset than that derived from instrumentation and sample prep.

In this webinar, Jon Reed will focus on how an automated, vendor-neutral software analysis of PTMs in biotherapeutics can be optimized for speed, and provide a framework from which data can inform confident decisions in a research environment.

Learning objectives:
  • How to identify and quantify all relevant PTMs and degradants
  • How to work with variables confidently
  • How to minimize false negatives and false positives
  • How to facilitate consistent, quantitative comparison across samples
  • How to automate routine analysis results
  • How to present results to non-mass spectrometry experts

Speaker Information:

Jon Reed
Jon Reed
Mass Spectrometry Research Scientist,
Biotherapeutics Group Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

John Skilton
John Skilton
VP Sales / Marketing,
Protein Metrics