Quantitative and Reproducible Bioconjugation

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Bioconjugation is the chemical linking of two biomolecules to form a single hybrid that retains the biological activity of each component, yet provides a novel function that is not possible with each individual biomolecule. Most complex biomolecules, such as proteins, exist and function only in aqueous environments. For this reason, the preparation of bioconjugates must be carried out in aqueous solutions, and any suitable bioconjugation chemistry must preserve the biological activity and function of the biomolecules in this type of environment.

Download this whitepaper to discover a solution that can:

  • Monitor conjugation reactions in real time 
  • Quantify the number of linkages formed in the conjugate and the precise number of biomolecules or ligands attached
  • Visualize the conjugate peak during purification and identify fractions containing the desired conjugate